United In the Lower

South End

Changing the Narrative

To change our neighbourhood, we must first change the stories we tell others and ourselves.

Food Security

Providing residence with the foundational need for food, food prep, and nutrition. 

Resident Engagement

Providing our neighbourhood with community events to build a sense of community and neighbourhood pride.

Connecting with Seniors

Seniors are an important of our neighbourhood that have given lots. We want to give back. 

…and much more!

Join us in our mission to infuse and foster vitality in the lower South End of Saint John.


We’re changing the narrative of the South End and we want you to join us! 

Get Involved

If you have a desire to join us in changing the narrative of the Lower South End contact us via email, phone, or Facebook. We are always looking for volunteers and donations to help engage and improve our neighbourhood. 


Monday – Tuesday 9am – 3pm

Wednesday 8am – 3pm

Thursday 9am – 6pm

Friday 9am – 4pm

Saturday & Sunday – Closed


251 Wentworth Street
Saint John, NB, Canada E2L 0B7

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